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S.S. White started in the UK in the late 1920’s in Camden Town, London. In 1961 the company relocated to Bletchley near Milton Keynes, and since 2007 has been at its current premises at Stacey Bushes in Milton Keynes. S.S. White Technologies UK Ltd became part of the SS White Technologies group in early 2009, since which time it has been able to maintain and grow its customer relationships and maintain its excellent quality and service.

SS White group companies and web sites;-

S.S. White Technologies UK Ltd.  Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes, UK

S.S. White Technologies Inc.  St. Petersburg, FL, USA

S.S. White Technologies India Pvt Ltd.  Gujarat 363030, India / / /

SS White Technologies UK Limited is a designer and manufacturer of flexible drive shaft together with associated couplings and casings for industry. The company has a long history with an extensive past and present customer base.

It is a wholly own subsidiary of S.S. White Technologies Inc. Sectors serviced include; aerospace, automotive, defence, motor sport, farming, agricultural, food, marine, water treatment, and other infrastructure as well as many other industries.

Applications include; aircraft thrust reversers, the remote control of valves, meat knife drives, failsafe systems in elevators, motor racing (brake bias, & drag reduction systems), automotive powered seats and tacho cables, brush cutters (strimmers) but also to solve power transmission problems simply and economically. Approvals held include;    BS EN 9100 (AS 9100), ISO9001, NADCAP for Heat Treating.

S S White Technologies UK Limited dates back as a business in the UK to the late 1920´s when a factory was opened in Camden Town (London) primarily to supply the Ford Motor Company with speedometer cables. At this time the Company was part of the US owned S S White Dental Manufacturing Co. The versatility of flexible shafting gave it many other applications in the aerospace, defence, and general industrial fields and this lead to a rapid expansion resulting in the move, in 1961, into a purpose built factory in Bletchley near Milton Keynes, employing at its height 170 + people. In 1968 S S White Dental was taken over by another American company, Pennsalt. At this time S S White Industrial was split off from the dental business and became part of the Equipment Division of Pennsalt, later to become Pennwalt. The company remained part of Pennwalt until the end of 1987 when Pennwalt´s rationalisation lead to a Management Buy Out to become S S White Industrial Limited.

Over the years the automotive Speedometer and tachometer cables were almost entirely replaced with electronic devices. The increased sophistication of vehicle interiors lead to new openings of seat and steering wheel adjusters. In February 2009 SS White Industrial was acquired by SS White Technologies Inc. of St. Petersburg, FL, which is also a result of a Management Buy Out in 1987, and became S.S. White Technologies UK Ltd. Since reuniting with its former sister company in 2009 S S White Technologies UK Limited, has been targeted at applications engineering to solve mechanical rotary drive problems, which it does successfully in a vast range of applications and industry sectors.